Cashier Myricks – Is Flying Safe During COVID-19 Traveling

With travel destinations and some airports opening up in some places, people can now travel like they used to, however, keeping in mind the precautions that should be in place. In the post COVID-19 era of today, you need to be informed and stay safe to avoid infection at all costs.

Cashier Myricks – Are airplanes safe during the Pandemic?

Cashier Myricks is an avid travel blogger who has traveled to many nations in the world. He enjoys sharing his tips and experiences with others. He likes to meet fellow travelers and learn valuable lessons from them. He regularly shares traveling tips and tricks on his social media profiles so that people interested in traveling can check out reviews of places, local cuisines, essentials they must take with them on solo travels, budget tips, and other city guides.

When it comes to reaching any destination, one might need to catch a flight. Now, the one question that haunts travelers- is it safe for you to fly?

 What does the World Health Organization say?

As per WHO (World Health Organization), the risks of acquiring a Covid-19 infection are, in fact, very low. The ventilation systems on modern planes offer a shift in the air about 20 to 30 times in one hour. This air that is recycled passes through filters that have HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air. This is the same filter system you find at operating theatres in hospitals and their Intensive Care Units or ICU.

The actual risks of infection in a place will come from direct contact with a person already infected with Covid-19. So, flying is safe, but being in close touch with an infected person on board can cause risks to the coronavirus. You must keep this in mind when you are planning to travel to your next destination.

Additional traveling tips during the Pandemic

Now that you know traveling is safe and has no harm if the airlines take adequate precautions to maintain social distancing on the flight, there are some extra safety tips that you must keep in mind-


  1. Create a list for your inventory- Traveling during the Pandemic entails you always have a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol with you, a face mask, a face shield (this will be given to you to the airlines during check-in), disinfectant tissues, and wipes. These items will ensure you maintain a certain standard of hygiene so that you can prevent infection caused by respiratory droplets of other fellow passengers.


  1. Be mindful of whatever you touch- The risks of infection travel fast, and this implies you must be extra cautious when it comes to the surfaces you touch. Be careful of touching what other people frequently use, like escalators, ATMs, machines for check-in, etc. In case you do touch these surfaces, ensure you use a generous amount of your hand sanitizer immediately afterward and avoid touching your face.

Cashier Myricks points out that if you love to travel, do not allow the coronavirus to ruin your plans. With adequate safety measures, traveling during the Pandemic is safe provided, you stay informed and armed with the right precautions.