Dr.Paolo Boffetta – How Can Alcohol and Tobacco Boost Risks of Neck and Head Cancer?

What causes throat cancer? This is a question whose answer most people know- tobacco. However, tobaccois a potent risk for neck and head cancers, which doubles alcohol intake. Though alcohol and tobacco consumption are considered by many to be harmless if practiced in moderate amounts, little do they know that both these substances have a vital role to play when it comes to causing cancers in the neck and head. This means that tobacco can trigger cancers not only in the throat but also in the neck and head.

Dr.Paolo Boffetta – Reasons to quit smoking and tobacco to avoid cancer

As per the individual prognosis of Dr.Paolo Boffetta, an eminent epidemiologist and one of the esteemed researchers on cancer and other chronic ailments, he has contributed to the comprehension of the role of environment, occupation, nutrition, smoking, and alcohol in the development of the disease.

According to his study and research on cancer, it has been discovered that almost 85% of neck and head cancers are the result of tobacco consumption. Even the recovery possibility of the patient is affected adversely by tobacco consumption or use.

How does alcohol consumption increase the risks of cancer?

Frequent and excessive alcohol intake is likely to cause cancer in the esophagus, larynx, mouth, and pharynx. The use of tobacco and the consumption of alcohol increase the risks of cancer even more.

According to a journal that Dr. Paolo has worked on with other eminent doctors on cancer, he says that alcohol and tobacco consumption increases the risks, and they are much more significant than other causes that lead to neck and head cancer. To curb this risk, one must immediately stop all the use of tobacco and alcohol products.

At the same time, he emphasizes that a substantial ratio of the neck and head cancers cannot be attributed to tobacco use, especially in the cases of cancer in the oral cavity and the occurrence of neck and head cancer in its premature onset cases and for women.

Medical publications on cancer

Dr. Paolo is a professor and an associate director at the Tisch Cancer Institute and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. He is the author of over 1300 scientific articles and eighty book chapters. He has edited works in multiple scholarly publications.

He also is a member of the editorial board for multiple journals in science with the inclusion of Annals of Oncology, where he an associate editor, Cancer Discovery, Biomarkers, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, Disease Markers, and more. He is also the editor in chief for the 3rd Edition of Elsevier’s Encylopedia of Cancer.

Dr.Paolo Boffetta, along with other prominent doctors, is taking the onus of spreading awareness when it comes to risks concerning neck and head cancer. Information and cancer research results should be shared with the community so that more people are aware of how smoking and tobacco increases the risks of cancer to curb the habit and move towards a cancer-free future.