Fred Brisker – How Can Sports be a Game Changer in Your Life

If you participate in sports daily, you will see a positive change in your mental and physical health. Playing any sport is fun when you involve your friends and family in the game. All sports offer people valuable opportunities to shine in physical activity and exercise, irrespective if they are participating in a local, state, or international event.

Fred Brisker – Boost your quality of life with sports

 Fred Brisker from Fred Brisker & Associates is a passionate sport enthusiastic from Ohio, in the USA. He often shares his love for sports and even promotes some of the most iconic photos on sports on his site as well.

He believes that more and more people should take out some time daily to play sports in this digital age. It has a lot of advantages and can improve the long-term health of every person. One can enjoy a large number of sports and play them regularly to stay fit and keep the threats of obesity away.

How can playing sports improve your daily life?

Today, everyone is leading a fast-paced life, and it is here that they start to neglect their need for regular exercise and physical activity. Sports is an enjoyable and fun way for you to stay happy and be physically active. He says sports offers you the following benefits when it comes to boosting your quality of life-

  1. Get better sleep- When you regularly play sports, the brain triggers feel-good chemicals and helps you to sleep better. When you are playing sports with a team, you get the opportunity to unwind and engage in activity that keeps you mentally and physically fit. If you play any sport outside daily, you get a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine that promotes better sleep.


  1. Get a stronger heart- Note the heart in the body is a muscle and needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. A heart that is healthy pumps blood around the whole body. The condition of your heart will improve when you challenge it with regular exercise daily. A strong heart boosts the total health of your body.


  1. Make new social connections- Sports bring together people that belong to different communities in the world. People come from communities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. Every sport gives you the opportunity to meet other people that you do not interact with daily. You get the chance to make new friends that might even open the door to new business or career opportunities.
  2. Improves your lung function- When you play sports on a regular basis, you will draw in more oxygen into your body. Mild to intense physical activity helps you to expel harmful waste and gases from the body. This boosts the capacity of your lungs, boosting its function and efficiency.

As Fred Brisker points out working professionals should play sports regularly to boost their mental health and stay fit. When the mind and the body are alert, you can see an improvement in focus, confidence, and productivity. In this way, you can become a successful leader in the workplace as you are mentally and physically energetic round-the-clock for success!