So, are you planning to visit Dubai? If yes, then do not miss a chance of visiting Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safari is considered as the charm of Dubai. Dubai is one of the most important emirates of the UAE. It is bordered by Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the north-east, and the Sultanate of Oman in the south-east. It is situated within the Arabian Desert and it has a unique topography with the rest of the southern portion of the United Arab Emirates.

Desert Safari in Dubai is situated in the surrounding sandy desert is the most thrilling and electrifying experience. You will be amazed by the tourist spot and skyscrapers in this wonderful city. Desert Safari is appreciated equally by everyone of all age-groups and it is a visiting place for everyone i.e, for families, friends, and couples.

To make your trip more wonderful and unforgettable, you can rent some extravagant vehicles, such as Land Cruisers, and SUVs. Moreover, you need to read about the safety measures and plan to drive effectively beforehand. The reason for this effective planning and practice is the strict rules and regulations of Dubai. None of the sites can replace the beauty of Desert Safari in Dubai.


There are various types of Desert Safari in Dubai.

  1. Early Morning Desert Safari.
  2. Evening Desert Safari.
  3. Overnight Desert Safari.
  4. Quad Biking Desert Safari.
  5. Hummer Desert Safari.

We will discuss Early Morning Desert Safari in detail. Let’s have a look:


If you want to see the desert engulfed in the bright rays of the sun early in the morning, then we prefer to choose Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai. It is the most preferred one. This view can take you close to nature and set your soul free for all tiredness. Due to busy schedules, many people do not have much time to make a plan for evening desert safari. Therefore, they can enjoy morning Desert safari which offers many interesting adventure tours. Fresh from night’s recovery, the desert in the morning is at its most enjoyable, with perfect dim lightning, and cool temperature.

The best time to experience the fantastic desert landscape, a morning desert safari trip is the best and epic in every way. Start your beautiful journey by experiencing the region’s breathtaking contrasts and make your way through the empty roads into an enormously charming desert region that is full of natural beauty.


In Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai, admire the unique and stunning desert flora and fauna, before you go for an adventurous ride of dune bashing across the mysterious dunes if Dubai in a powerful vehicle. Enjoy this ride in an expanse of golden sand dunes that stretch out in every direction while enjoying your exciting 4*4 drive. With lots of turns and twists which will be scream-inducing, it rides you through the nerve-wracking high dunes, allowing you to experience the natural beauty of Desert Safai in its entire grandeur. It is a fun rollercoaster that rides up and down the sand dunes by an expert driver.

However, the slanting rays of the sun are not too harsh. Morning Desert Safari gives you enough time to enjoy the desert activities in ample sunlight. In the early morning, you can also get an opportunity of spotting some rare wildlife creatures like Arabian oryxes, and Gazelle species that venture out commonly during the early morning.

This is followed by other fun activities. Sandboarding is a lot of fun as it lets you slip on the sand mounds by using the board. It is the must-do activity in Desert Safari Dubai. Sandboard is quite similar to snowboarding, You can also enjoy a dune buggy ride under the guidance of your tour guide.

One of the most fascinating experiences of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is the activity of a hot air balloon ride. Expert specialists give you an experience of a lifetime which is unforgettable. You can enjoy the beauty of Desert Safari from 4,000 feet above the desert floor, the landscape of the desert is absolutely mesmerizing.

Another experience of Desert Safari in Dubai is a camel ride. This ride is favorite with kids and adults alike. You can enjoy the beauty by sitting on the camel’s back and walk around the desert. Spotting rare plants and animals is also a high point of Morning desert safari. If an exhilarating adrenaline-pumping experience is how you want to make the desert trip memorable then these adventurous rides of Desert safari are perfect for you.

You can also get an opportunity of experiencing Emirati dress for photography to make this trip memorable, enjoy belly dance performance on Arabic songs, smoking sheesha, Tanura dance show, fire show that will give you everlasting joy and happiness.



Casual comfortable clothes would be an ideal choice for the Desert Safari trip to enjoy all the desert activities easily. It is preferable to wear open shoes, sandal as footwear so that you will be getting in and out of the vehicle frequently onto the sand and you will not get irritated.


You should listen to your instructor carefully while riding any kind of activity, especially while dune bashing because it can be a rough roller coaster experience due to which you can hurt. Keep this in mind if you are old, have a small child or have any other serious issues. Listen to your instructor carefully while enjoying the activities, especially the adventure ones to ensure you stay safe.


The best time to go for Desert Safari Dubai is during the winter season. Summers are unconditionally hot while mornings quickly move from cool to hot.