What Is The Recovery Period From Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik is the safest and quick laser surgery to get rid of visual aids for clear vision. People suffering from myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism have successfully attained 20/25 vision or even better. It is a bladeless surgery with a quick recovery time. However, the healing tenure of the cornea may differ from person to person. It largely depends upon your eye’s health and glass prescription. You can schedule your appointment for Lasik surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre) for effective laser treatment. Most patients are happy with their Lasik recovery time with a large number of them reporting that their eyes felt normal just the day after the surgery.

Before undergoing Lasik surgery, it is wise to know about the recovery process. Also, you must consult an eye specialist to check if you are a good candidate for Lasik surgery or not. You can get the best service at affordable Lasik surgery costs in India (https://visualaidscentre.com/service/lasik-surgery-cost-india/). Lasik surgery is one the most preferable, permanent, and painless laser surgery for stable and good eyesight. 

Recovery Process Post Lasik Surgery

Immediate after Lasik

The recovery period of Lasik is generally 6 to 12 hours but it may vary as per the patient. Most patients notice recovery in their eyesight within 24 hours. But there are other patients who take two to five days to recover from surgery. You must take utmost care for the next one to two weeks after the surgery. Any carelessness can lead to severe damage to the healing process of your cornea. Use protective sunglasses and protective eye shields given by the doctor. You will be allowed to leave the hospital after an hour or two post Lasik. But you will not be able to drive by yourself, so arrange transportation. The first week is very crucial to your healing process. So, do not rub your eyes and avoid the use of any digital devices.

First two weeks after the surgery

Your doctor will more likely call you to visit to check if your eyes are healing correctly. If you do not suffer from blurry or fuzzy vision after two to three days. Then, you can return to work after a few days post Lasik. You may feel discomfort for the first two weeks after the Lasik surgery, which is completely normal. So, it is very important to lubricate your eyes for the first week to the next three months to avoid irritation and dry eyes. Use the prescribed eye drops timely to avoid delaying or hindering the healing process.

Common side effects after Lasik:

  1. Most people suffer from dry eyes for a few weeks or months after Lasik surgery.
  2. You may notice glares and halos around the bright light.
  3. People find it difficult to see at night clearly or driving at night.
  4. You may also notice blurry vision for a few days.
  5. Irritation and inflammation are also common problems for a few days after the surgery.